ICS is the construction company that holds out the  prospect  of  serving   its   parent company EUSEBIO ABELLÁN PROMOTIONS, making the implementation  of all    projects, being  selected  because  of  its  experience and  guarantee  public and  private  contractors, having, thus, expanded our border action.

At  the  same  time, the company of the Group, ABELLAN ENGINEERING & ARCHITECTURE, is the developer of all projects through the multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers available as well as being selected by companies and public institutions to undertake the design and engineering of buildings , infrastructure and urban planning.

Our philosophy is based on the strong commitment to our customers. A commitment to high quality and guarantee product and service that has helped us to be rewarded on numerous occasions by our works in progress and construction quality. Since our inception, Our vision is to look at all the opportunities that arise, as the small opportunities are the beginning of big business and we are in the best position to further develop our work in a complex environment, with the strength and enthusiasm to enable us to continue our sustained growth.

The maxim “think globally and act locally” is present in our day to day and that is why our business is turning toward an internationalization process that allows us to continue growing, increasing our borders, maintain the sustainability of our business, building processes and our work.

Our vision of the present and the future above all, encourages us to continue our path to success, our priority remains the improvement of efficiency and productivity ratios and be at the forefront of the industry, which is why despite the current economic context.

  Continue to grow as a company, growing as a group.